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Radiation Advisory Council

Closing date: 30th October, 2020
Region: Sydney
Agency: Environment Protection Authority

The Radiation Advisory Council (the Council) is constituted under section 29 of the Radiation Control Act 1990 (the Act) and consists of 17 members appointed by the Minister for the Energy and Environment. The Council usually meets six times a year.

The objects of the Act are:

(1) (a) to secure the protection of persons and the environment from exposure to ionising and harmful non-ionising radiation to the maximum extent that is reasonably practicable, taking into account social and economic factors and recognising the need for the use of radiation for beneficial purposes,

(b) to protect security enhanced sources from misuse that may result in harm to people or the environment,

(c) to promote the radiation protection principles.

(2) The radiation protection principles are as follows:

(a) justification of a practice by assessing that the benefits of the practice involving exposure to ionising radiation outweigh any detriment,

(b) optimisation of protection by ensuring that each of the following is kept as low as reasonably achievable taking into account economic and social factors:

(i) the magnitude of individual doses of ionising radiation

(ii) the number of people exposed to ionising radiation (iii) the likelihood of exposure to ionising radiation.

(3) A person is to take the radiation protection principles into consideration when exercising functions under this Act or under a licence.

The Council’s functions under the Act include advising the Minister on:

• the administration of the Act and Regulation

• measures to prevent or minimise the dangers arising from radiation

• other functions as are conferred or imposed on it by or under the Act.

The Council also provides advice to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on licensing, accreditation and radiation safety under the Act. The EPA provides administrative support to the Council.

Vacant position on the Council

The Council is currently seeking nominations for the following position:

• a person who is an Australian lawyer of at least seven years standing

The term of office is determined by the Minister and is normally 3 years, with members being eligible for re-appointment. A member is entitled to be paid remuneration and allowances as determined by the Minister. The Council meets six times a year for half a day.

Applications are invited from people interested in being considered for appointment to the Council and who hold appropriate qualifications. The Government is strongly committed to increasing diversity on its government boards and committees and encourages women, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with disabilities, people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, and young people to apply.

How To Apply

Applications should be in writing, include both a curriculum vitae and a statement as to the reason for applying for the position, and emailed to Radiation Advisory Council Nominations at

Enquiries To

Daniela Freschi on 02 9995 5971 or at

Areas of Interest: Environment

Published 15th October