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Dams Safety NSW

Closing date: 25th June, 2021
Region: Statewide
Agency: Dams Safety NSW

Dams Safety NSW is seeking an experienced mine engineer to join their Board.

The term of appointment is for up to three years commencing 31 October 2021.

Dams Safety NSW is a statutory body corporate established under the Dams Safety Act 2015. It consists of five members appointed by the NSW Minister for Water, Property and Housing

Together our Board Members have professional expertise, qualifications and experience in dam engineering, mine engineering, emergency management, dam operations and management, public safety risk analysis and best practice regulation (including cost benefit analysis and business case development).

As a Member of Dams Safety NSW, you will contribute to directing the agency to deliver on its functions under Section 9 of the Act as they relate to the safety of declared dams across NSW.

A chief executive officer is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of Dams Safety NSW. Staff are employed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to carry out the agency’s functions.

Essential requirements for this position

Leadership experience, professional expertise, qualifications, or experience in mine engineering.


$35,000 annual sitting fee plus expenses.

Further information

- On our website:

- Dams Safety Act 2015, in particular:

  • Schedule 1 - Provisions relating to members and procedure of Dams Safety NSW
  • Section 50 - Exclusion of personal liability.

- For a copy of the role description, please email

How To Apply

Submit a covering letter (two pages maximum) and current resume (5 pages maximum) which as a minimum clearly details your leadership experience, professional expertise, qualifications or experience in mine engineering. Other areas of expertise, qualifications or experience aligned to being a member of Dams Safety NSW will also be considered.

Please submit your application to

The recruitment process in brief

• Assessment of applications

• Shortlisting and interview of candidates by a selection panel

• Reference check and qualification verification of recommended candidate

• Recommendation of candidate to the Minister for Water, Property and Housing

• Ministerial and Cabinet approval.

Enquiries To

Chris Salkovic on 0455 850 242 or at

Areas of Interest: Environment, Industry, Resources and Energy, Lands and Water

Published 7th June